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Make your own free QR code online.

Generate custom QR codes for your website, social media, and other online links effortlessly using Crafty Art's free QR code generator. Enhance customer engagement by adding these QR codes to your promotional materials. Simply enter a URL, and you'll receive your personalized QR code with just a few stapes!

To quickly create a QR code online, use an online QR
code generator.

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Write a Website Address or Link.

Go to our website's QR code generator. Put your website link in the box. Click the 'Create QR Code' button, and a new QR code will show up right away.

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Customize Your Design

Personalize your free online QR code to fit your brand. Customize as Your Own Need.

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Download QR code

After you've designed your QR code and are satisfied with how it looks, you can save it in three file formats: PNG or JPG. If you want to change the QR code size without losing quality, it's recommended to download it in PNG format.

Get a free QR code quickly in just a few seconds

Making your own custom QR code with our online generator is super easy. You don't have to download any special software – just use your computer or phone browser. Our website is user-friendly. Make it unique by changing the color and style, adding your company logo, and putting it in our free templates.


Make an eye-catching QR code

QR codes are really common now, and most phones can scan them easily. You can make them look even cooler by adding a design or frame from the free image library in Crafty Art. There are lots of ways to make your QR code stand out!

This tool lets you find out more about famous people or beautiful places by searching for their pictures. And it's free!

Get more visitors to your website with an eye-catching QR code design.

QR codes don't have to be plain and boring! With Crafty Art, you can use your imagination to make them special. The more eye-catching your QR code is, the better it will grab people's attention and lead them to your website. Whether you want feedback, payment, or to guide customers to your contact or support page, make sure your QR code stands out on signs and brochures. Explore our templates and photos to create a unique image for any format whether it's for print, digital, web, or mobile. So, start making your QR codes and bring your creative ideas to life!


Create your QR code to stand out with thousands of professional looking templates.

You don't need to be a professional to make cool QR codes for your marketing stuff. Crafty Art has lots of fancy templates you can use. Just add your QR codes, and it makes it super easy for people to check out your webpage. You can make QR codes for all sorts of things like videos, ads, web pages, PDFs, menus, apps, and more. Crafty Art templates give you hundreds of creative options!

This tool lets you find out more about famous people or beautiful places by searching for their pictures. And it's free!

It’s time to create a unique QR code that matches your brand.

Some Popular Questions/Answered

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that can store various types of information. It can be scanned using a smartphone or QR code reader to quickly access the encoded data.

Our QR code generator tool allows you to create QR codes by entering relevant information such as URLs, text, or contact details. Once you input the data, the tool generates a unique QR code that users can download and share.

Our tool supports various types of QR codes, including URL QR codes, plain text QR codes, contact information QR codes (vCard), and more. Choose the type that best suits your needs.

Yes, our QR Code Generator is completely free to use. You can create as many QR codes as you need without any cost.

Yes, our tool allows you to customize the appearance of the QR code. You can choose different colors, add a logo, and adjust the size to match your preferences.

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