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Thank you for your interest in CraftyArt! We're thrilled to hear from you and assist with any inquiries or collaborations you might have. Please feel free to get in touch using the following contact information:

Contact Information:

Company Name : Infiapp Solution

Operational Address with Pincode :
B - 815, IT Park, Opposite AR Mall, Uttran, Surat - 394105

Email : infiappsolution@gmail.com

Mobile Number : +91 9898978207

Business Hours : 9AM to 6PM

Get in Touch:

Whether you have a question about our services, want to discuss a potential project, or simply want to say hello, we're here and eager to help. You can reach us through the following methods:

Email : For general inquiries or project proposals, please email us at infiappsolution@gmail.com. Our team will respond within 1-2 business days.

Social Media :

Stay connected and updated on our latest projects, design tips, and news by following us on our social media channels:

Shipping Policy :

Our business focuses solely on digital products, which means that physical shipping is not applicable. Therefore, there is no need for customers to provide shipping details when making a purchase. Rest assured, your digital products will be delivered electronically, and you can enjoy them without the hassle of traditional shipping.

Some Popular Questions/Answered

Crafty Art Pro offers various pricing plans, including free trials, subscriptions, and purchase single templates. With the free trial, users can access a limited set of resources or templates. However, by opting for a subscription plan, customers gain full access to customization features, a broader range of templates, and additional resources. Alternatively, users can choose to purchase a single template, allowing them to acquire a specific template or resource of their choice.

Subscription Plan: This plan provides access to all premium features, customization options, regular updates, and exclusive tools like the background remover and many more.. It is billed on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, depending on your preference.

Single Template Purchase: With this plan, you can buy a specific template for a one-time payment. This option grants you lifetime access to the chosen template.

To contact Crafty Art regarding any subscription-related queries or other issues, you can reach out to them at infiappsolution@gmail.com.

  • Choose the premium template you wish to purchase.
  • Once you've selected the template, click on the "Customize This Template" button.
  • After clicking the button, a pop-up will appear with two options: the first is to buy a subscription, and the second is to buy a single template. Choose the "Buy Single Template" option.
  • Selecting "Buy Single Template" will allow you to proceed with the purchase of the individual template
  • After the purchase, customize the template according to your needs.
  • There are two convenient ways to purchase a subscription from Crafty Art:

    1. Navigate to the "Pricing" section in the header. Here, you'll find three subscription plans - monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Choose the plan that suits your needs and proceed to purchase the subscription.

    2. Alternatively, select a premium template and click on the "Customize This Template" button. A pop-up will appear presenting two options: the first is to buy a subscription, and the second is to buy a single template. Opt for the "Buy a Subscription" option. After completing the subscription purchase, you will gain access to the full range of Crafty Art's offerings.

    No, there is no limit. You can purchase as many templates as you like, and each template comes with lifetime access.

    The Subscription Plan is billed based on the selected frequency (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). Users enjoy uninterrupted access to premium features as long as their subscription is active.

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