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Copyright Information

If you think that any material on the Crafty Art website violates any copyrights, you can notify us by sending the following notice, complete with all pertinent details: Notice of a copyright violation on infiappsolution@gmail.com

Guidelines for Copyright Notification

Crafty Art respects the rights to others intellectual property, and it is our policy to address any complaints of copyright infringement in accordance with any applicable laws. Crafty Art may remove or restrict access to the allegedly illegal material after receiving a notice in accordance with these Guidelines, as well as take any other appropriate action, such as blocking a user's account. Crafty Art will make every effort to get in touch with the person who posted the content before taking any such action so they can make any remark they see fit in accordance with the rules.

The following conditions must be met by copyright infringement notifications:

1. the notification's submitter's electronic or handwritten signature.

2. Identification of the allegedly violated copyrighted work or, in the case of numerous allegedly infringing works, a list of those works.

3. Identification of the allegedly infringing material that has to be found and removed or denied access to, together with enough details to enable Crafty Art to do so.

4. Contact information for the complaining person, including their address, phone number, and, if available, email address.

5. a declaration that the party making the complaint has cause to believe that the use of the item is not permitted by the law or the copyright owner.

6. An affirmation that the notification's details are factual and accurate

Crafty Art will adhere to the process outlined by applicable laws to ensure copyright compliance. When Crafty Art receives a valid notification that complies with the aforementioned requirements, it will promptly remove or restrict access to the infringing materials. Crafty Art may or may not send a confirmation of the removal or disable.

The claims made by the person who published the allegedly illegal material must also adhere to the guidelines for copyright notifications. Keep in mind that you might be held accountable if the material violates the rights of a third party, so we advise you to get legal counsel if you are unsure.

If you think the person publishing the allegedly illegal material is a repeat offender publisher, you can help Crafty Art by providing the necessary information so they can verify it and take the necessary action.

The copyright infringement notification may not be valid if any of the aforementioned conditions are not met.

We appreciate your assistance.

Incorporating material into your designs

There are relatively few limitations on what you can do with your projects if you use content in a design or composition to create something original. Go crazy!

However, there are limitations on solitary content, such as the inability to print it on goods or merchandise intended for sale. An example of this would be a photo used alone without any other design elements.

Please be aware that there is a pixel restriction for unprocessed media in your design when using Pro material for specific online purposes (such as websites and ebooks) (for example, a huge photo being used on a web page design). This restriction was put in place to prevent downloading of our Pro Content for use outside of Canva from your website. Canva website doctypes and Canvas websites are exempt from this pixel restriction.

Selling templates

You cannot use Pro content in templates of any kind, including templates for websites, social networking websites, documents, projects, or anything else that is intended for distribution and/or sale to third parties, unless the template was specifically designed for use on Crafty Art (i.e., a template that encourages your customers to design in Crafty Art).

Trademarks and logos

A trademark must be a distinctive symbol that is only used by the brand owner. Because of this, you cannot use any Free or Pro content from Canva's media library in a trademark (fonts, simple shapes, and lines are the only exceptions). Keep in mind that other Canva users are free to use the same Content and you cannot assert exclusive rights if you utilise Free or Pro content in any branded materials, including logos.

If you wish to create a special trademark logo, you can:

1. Utilise one of our fonts.

2. Use simple curves and forms.

3. Upload your own graphics (which may be one you created yourself or had a nearby graphic artist create for you).

For small or individual projects where you don't need exclusive rights, our logo templates can be handy. They can also serve as a source of inspiration for your own original design.

Getting a licence

When you make use of content in a design, you are given a licence.

Licences for Free Content are provided without charge. If you're a paid user, you must pay to obtain a Pro Content licence; otherwise, if you have a current Crafty Art subscription, it is provided free of charge.

You are only permitted to use Pro content in one design at a time, so you must purchase a new licence each time you want to use the same Pro content in a different design. Each time you utilise Pro content in a new design, if you have a Crafty Art Pro or Crafty Art for Teams plan, a new licence is automatically provided to you.

Reporting Abuse

Abuseful content and files are not tolerated at Crafty Art. Send an email to infiappsolution@gmail.com with a concise summary or description of the suspected abuse in respect to the content or files.

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