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Effortless Design: Create Pro Designs with Style Kit!

The Power of Set-and-Forget Fonts and Colors for Stunning Templates

Style Kit

How does the Style Kit feature work?


Style Kit is a feature that allows you to create a set of predefined brand elements, including colours and fonts, to use across multiple designs.


Once you set up your Style Kit, you can easily apply it to any design to ensure consistency in branding.


This feature saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually select brand elements for every design.

How can Style Kit benefit graphic designers?


Style Kit enables graphic designers to streamline their design process and increase efficiency.


It allows them to focus on the creative aspects of the design instead of spending time on repetitive tasks like selecting brand elements.


With Style Kit, graphic designers can maintain consistency across designs, which is important for building a strong brand identity.

Style Kit
Style Kit

How can Style Kit be useful for students and marketers?


Style Kit provides a simple solution for students and marketers who may not have experience in design but still want to create professional-looking designs.


It helps them to easily incorporate brand elements like colours and fonts, which are important for brand recognition.


By using Style Kit, students and marketers can ensure consistency in their designs and establish a strong brand identity.

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What are Customers Saying about Crafty Art

Crafty Art has a proven track record of delivering efficiency, results and excellent customer service.

Olivia Davis

“Crafty Art's custom invitations exceeded my expectations. Their user-friendly graphics design tools made it easy to create a unique design. The quality and design of invitation card was outstanding, and their customer service was top-notch. Quick delivery and attention to detail set Crafty Art apart. They made my event extra special!,”

Ethan Wilson

“Crafty Art Graphic Design Tool has been a game-changer for my design projects. Here a reasons why Crafty Art has earned my trust and loyalty: User Feedback Integration, Cross-Platform Compatibility, Time-Saving Features, Regular Content Updates, Security and Privacy, Advanced Export Options and Many More…”

James Johnson

“Crafty Art is a fantastic online caricature tool for creating unique invitations. Its user-friendly interface make easy to design personalized caricatures that bring fun and humor in to my event. With excellent customer support and quick delivery, I prefer to design Caricature invitations with Crafty Art!,”

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Make Design with Predetermined Colours and Fonts

Some Popular Questions/Answered

Yes, you can customise your Style Kit by selecting specific brand elements like colours and fonts.

No, Style Kit may not be available on all graphic design tools. However, many popular tools offer similar features for creating brand consistency.

Yes, you can apply Style Kit to existing designs to ensure consistency in branding.

No, you do not need design experience to use Style Kit. It is a simple and intuitive feature that can be used by anyone.

Yes, Style Kit can help you save time by eliminating the need to manually select brand elements for each design.

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