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Brand Kit

How does the Brand Kit feature work?


The Brand Kit feature provides a centralised location to manage your brand assets, such as logos, fonts, and colours.


When editing a template, simply add your brand assets to the design, and the Brand Kit will automatically arrange text according to your chosen font and color scheme.


This feature ensures consistency across all your designs and saves you time by eliminating the need to manually format each text box.

What are the benefits of using the Brand Kit feature?


The Brand Kit feature streamlines your design process, allowing you to quickly create high-quality designs without the hassle of manual formatting.


It ensures brand consistency across all your designs, which is crucial for building a strong brand identity.


You can easily update your brand assets in the Brand Kit, and all designs using those assets will automatically update, saving you even more time.

Brand Kit
Brand Kit

How can the Brand Kit feature improve my design workflow?


The Brand Kit feature eliminates the need for manual formatting, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your design.


It saves you time by automating the process of arranging text boxes and ensuring brand consistency.


You can easily create new designs or update existing ones with your brand assets, which helps to maintain a consistent brand identity.

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Brand Kit

Why Use Crafty Art’s Brand Kit?


Unified Visual Elements : Create a cohesive brand identity with customizable logos, colors, and fonts for a consistent look and feel.


Brand Guidelines & Usage : Access clear guidelines ensuring consistent brand representation across all channels and materials.


Asset Repository & Management : Centralize and manage all brand assets efficiently, ensuring easy access and maintenance.


Customizable Templates : Utilize ready-to-use templates for social media, presentations, and more, aligning with your brand's aesthetics effortlessly.


Collaboration & Sharing : Foster collaboration among teams and seamlessly share brand assets for unified brand communication.

Features Of Crafty Art Brand Kit.


Unified Visual Identity: Create a cohesive brand presence with logo variations, color palettes, and typography that reflect your essence.


Consistent Branding Elements: Ensure consistency across platforms with standardized templates for social media, business cards, presentations, and more.


Brand Guidelines and Documentation: Receive comprehensive guidelines outlining logo usage, color codes, and design specifications for seamless communication of your brand's essence.


Customizable Assets: Access a suite of customizable design elements like icons, patterns, and graphics tailored to your brand's needs.


Brand Package Delivery: Receive a curated package of digital assets and files optimized for various platforms and applications.

Brand Kit

What are Customers Saying about Crafty Art

Crafty Art has a proven track record of delivering efficiency, results and excellent customer service.

Olivia Davis

“Crafty Art's custom invitations exceeded my expectations. Their user-friendly graphics design tools made it easy to create a unique design. The quality and design of invitation card was outstanding, and their customer service was top-notch. Quick delivery and attention to detail set Crafty Art apart. They made my event extra special!,”

Ethan Wilson

“Crafty Art Graphic Design Tool has been a game-changer for my design projects. Here a reasons why Crafty Art has earned my trust and loyalty: User Feedback Integration, Cross-Platform Compatibility, Time-Saving Features, Regular Content Updates, Security and Privacy, Advanced Export Options and Many More…”

James Johnson

“Crafty Art is a fantastic online caricature tool for creating unique invitations. Its user-friendly interface make easy to design personalized caricatures that bring fun and humor in to my event. With excellent customer support and quick delivery, I prefer to design Caricature invitations with Crafty Art!,”

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Some Popular Questions/Answered

The Brand Kit automates formatting of your brand assets for consistency and saves time. You can easily update brand assets in one centralised location.

Yes, you can add or remove brand assets to tailor to your specific needs.

Ensures consistency across marketing materials and saves time. Allows marketers to focus on the creative aspects of their designs.

Yes, it's designed to work with any design template for consistency and to save time.

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