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Simple Baby Shower Invitation Card
Simple Baby Shower Invitation Card

Simple Baby Shower Invitation Card

Invitation Portrait • 1080 X 1350 px

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Everything You Need to Know About Simple Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Twinkle and Cuddle Magical Teddy Bear and Stars Baby Shower Invitation Portrait Card on a Nighttime Sky The image depicts a baby shower invitation portrait card with an adorable teddy bear and stars illustration on it set against a jet black background. The invitation features a playful and fun color scheme that matches the festive occasion. In the foreground, a vibrant yellow baby bottle with a matching lid sits, and a bib with a cartoon duck and star is visible somewhat further to the right. In the upper right corner, a yellow rubber duck is perched on a luminous blue surface and is surrounded by vivid color blocks. A stack of multicolored geometric towers stands out against the black backdrop in the lower right corner, providing a vibrant contrast with the other items on the image.

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