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Invitation Card Templates

Discover a variety of invitation templates for every occasion. From parties to events, our invitation templates offer creative designs to make your invites truly special.


How to Make a Invitation on CraftyArt?

The process of designing an invitation with our online utility is simple and straightforward. You can make a beautiful invitation for your event by following the easy set of rules given below.

invitation template

Choose A Template

Start by selecting a suitable template for your invitation card. Crafty Art offer a variety of templates based on different themes and occasions.

invitation template

Customize This Template

Once you've chosen a template, personalize it to fit your event. Modify the text to include essential details such as the event name, date, time, venue, and RSVP information.

invitation template

Download And Share

After customizing the invitation to your satisfaction, download the final version. Save it in a format that is compatible with your needs, such as PDF or image formats.

Why Choose Crafty Art For Invitation Designs ?

Crafty Art offers creative and unique invitation card designs.

Extensive customization options for personalized invitations.

Covers diverse occasions, ensuring a suitable design for any event.

High-quality materials for a premium look and feel.

Easy-to-navigate platform for a seamless design process.

invitation template
calendar design

Wedding Invitations


Celebrate the most special day of your life with our elegant wedding invitation card templates.


From classic and timeless designs to modern and chic styles, we have a variety of options to match your wedding theme and color scheme.


Personalize your invites with your names, event details, and a touch of your unique love story.

Birthday Party Invites


Make your birthday celebration unforgettable with our vibrant and fun birthday party invitation templates.


Whether you're throwing a milestone birthday bash or hosting a themed party, our collection has designs that cater to all ages.


Add your party details and choose colors that reflect the joyous spirit of the occasion.

calendar design
calendar design

Baby Shower Invitations


Welcome the newest member of your family with adorable baby shower invitation card templates.


Our cute and customizable designs capture the excitement of the upcoming arrival.


Customize the invites with the baby's name, shower details, and choose from soft pastels to lively patterns for a perfect touch.

Special Events


For all other special events and occasions, explore our diverse range of invitation card templates.


From engagement parties and anniversaries to holiday gatherings and corporate events, we have designs that suit every type of celebration.


Personalize the templates to make your event invitations truly one-of-a-kind.

calendar design

How It Works


Browse: Explore our collection and choose the category that matches your event.


Select: Click on your preferred template and view the details.


Personalize: Add your event information, customize colors, and choose fonts.


Download: Once satisfied, download your customized invitation for printing or digital sharing.

Tips for Customization


Colors: Match your invitation to your event's color scheme. Experiment with different shades and combinations to find the perfect palette that resonates with your theme.


Fonts: Choose fonts that complement the style of your event. Whether it's formal and traditional or casual and contemporary, we offer a variety of font options to suit your preferences.


Photos: Some templates allow you to add personal photos. Showcase engagement pictures for wedding invitations or baby bump photos for baby showers, adding a personal touch to your invites.


Details: Double-check all event details, including date, time, venue, and any additional information. Ensure accuracy to avoid confusion and make your invitation informative and clear.

Logo Maker

Print or Digital Options

Selecting the right format for your invitations is essential. Choose between traditional printed cards or go for a modern digital approach. Our templates are designed to accommodate both, giving you the flexibility to print at home, use a professional printing service, or share digital invitations via email or social media.

RSVP and Additional Inserts

Enhance your invitation with matching RSVP cards and additional inserts. Encourage your guests to respond promptly and include any extra information, such as accommodation details, directions, or gift registry information, to make the planning process smoother.

What are Customers Saying about Crafty Art

Crafty Art has a proven track record of delivering efficiency, results and excellent customer service.

Olivia Davis

“Crafty Art's custom invitations exceeded my expectations. Their user-friendly graphics design tools made it easy to create a unique design. The quality and design of invitation card was outstanding, and their customer service was top-notch. Quick delivery and attention to detail set Crafty Art apart. They made my event extra special!,”

Ethan Wilson

“Crafty Art Graphic Design Tool has been a game-changer for my design projects. Here a reasons why Crafty Art has earned my trust and loyalty: User Feedback Integration, Cross-Platform Compatibility, Time-Saving Features, Regular Content Updates, Security and Privacy, Advanced Export Options and Many More…”

James Johnson

“Crafty Art is a fantastic online caricature tool for creating unique invitations. Its user-friendly interface make easy to design personalized caricatures that bring fun and humor in to my event. With excellent customer support and quick delivery, I prefer to design Caricature invitations with Crafty Art!,”

Some Popular Questions/Answered

Crafty Art offers a unique blend of creativity, quality, and customization in every design.

Yes, Crafty Art specializes in customization, allowing you to personalize colors, themes, and details.

Visit Crafty Art, choose a design, and contact us to discuss customization and place your order.

Turnaround time varies; our team provides an estimated timeline during customization discussions.

Yes, Crafty Art provides competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders.

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