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Grand Opening Ceremony Invitation Card
Grand Opening Ceremony Invitation Card

Grand Opening Ceremony Invitation Card

21 * 29.7 cm

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The Grand Opening Ceremony Invitation Card: Unveiling the Elegance

luxury Mirage Dark With Bright Grey Radial Gradian Background Celebration with Confetti and Red Ribbon With Sparkle Gold Shiny Scissors Cutting Red Silk Ribbon Vector Digital A4 Grand Opening Ceremony Invitation Template This is a digital A4-sized invitation template for a grand opening ceremony. The background of the template features a luxurious mirage dark color with a bright grey radial gradian design. The overall design of the invitation gives off a celebratory vibe, complete with confetti and red ribbon accents. In the center of the template, there is an image of sparkle gold shiny scissors cutting a red silk ribbon, adding an extra element of grandeur to the occasion. The invitation is in vector format, allowing for easy editing and customization.

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