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Modern Attractive Wedding Invitation Template Card
Modern Attractive Wedding Invitation Template Card

Modern Attractive Wedding Invitation Template Card

21 * 29.7 cm

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Modern Attractive Wedding Invitation Card

Modern Soft Pink Abstract Watercolor Texture Decoration Sangeet Bundle of Pink and Blue Watercolor Flower Designs Realistic Pink Curtains Decoration Disco ball Decoration of Silhouettes Diamond light Garland Lamp Indian Bride In Choli And Groom Suit Wedding Caricature Attractive A4 Digital Wedding Invitation Template Card The bundle includes a modern soft pink abstract watercolor texture decoration for Sangeet, featuring a mix of pink and blue watercolor flower designs. The design is realistic and eye-catching, sure to make a statement at any event. A set of pink curtains with a silky texture provides an elegant touch, while a disco ball adds a playful element to the decor. Silhouettes of various shapes and sizes create a unique visual effect, particularly when combined with a garland lamp that casts diamond-shaped shadows. An Indian bride in a choli and groom in a suit are depicted in a wedding caricature, capturing the joy and excitement of the occasion. Finally, an attractive A4 digital wedding invitation template card rounds out the bundle, providing a convenient and stylish way to invite guests to the celebration.

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