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Night Party Invitetion Card Maker Template
Night Party Invitetion Card Maker Template

Night Party Invitetion Card Maker Template

Invitation Portrait • 1080 X 1350 px

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Night Party Invitetion Card Maker Template

A cheerful night party invitation illuminates the screen from corner to corner with a delightful, glowing string of delightful yellow lights. Against a dark backdrop, the night party logo is visible, featuring a bold black background with bright yellow letters. In the lower half of the image, a series of white circles creates a playful effect against the same dark background. A logo for Appletree IA engulfs the lower center of the image, displaying a green-and-blue color scheme that draws the eye. A silhouette of a woman situated in the lower-right quadrant of the image stands with her arms crossed, forming a heart shape with her hands and adding a touch of romantic whimsy to the ambiance. Finally, a profile picture for Devin Michael in the right-hand middle of the image is appended with an abstract tint that fits perfectly with the classy black and yellow color scheme of the logo.

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