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Dinner Party Instagram Story Invitation
Dinner Party Instagram Story Invitation

Dinner Party Instagram Story Invitation

Invitation Story • 1080 X 1920 px

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Luxurious Black and Gold Dinner Party Instagram Story Invitation template Exquisite Culinary Affair A luxurious Dinner Invitation is the centerpiece of this image. The invitation is primarily black, with a floral design in gold embroidery that features prominently in the lower right corner. The words "You're invited to the dinner of the dinner party" are written in elegant script on the upper left side of the invitation. In the foreground, a plate of black pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes is visible on a black plate, accompanied by a knife and fork. The pasta dish is partially obscured by the invitation but appears to be well presented. The tablecloth beneath it is not visible. The overall color scheme of the image is black and gold, with hints of red from the tomatoes in the pasta dish. The background is not visible, but it appears to be dark and unobtrusive to keep focus on the central elements of the image.

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