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Floral Design Wedding Congratulations Template
Floral Design Wedding Congratulations Template

Floral Design Wedding Congratulations Template

21 * 29.7 cm

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Floral Design Wedding Congratulations Template

Simple White Background Light Wave shape texture Watercolor blue Flower buke Decoration Stylish Round Frame with Couple Photo Stylish Typography wedding wish Attractive a4 Wedding Congratulations Greeting Card Template This is a beautiful wedding congratulations greeting card template that features a simple white background with a stylish round frame in light wave shape texture. The frame is decorated with a gorgeous watercolor blue flower bouquet which adds a touch of elegance to the design. Inside the frame, there's space for a couple's photo, making it a perfect personalized gift for newlyweds. The typography used in this design is modern and stylish, adding an attractive element to the card. The wedding wish is prominently displayed in bold letters, expressing your heartfelt congratulations to the newly married couple. The size of the card is A4, making it easy to print and distribute. This template is suitable for anyone who wants to create a stunning and personalized wedding congratulations card. Whether you're a professional designer or just looking to make a unique card for a friend or relative, this template is an excellent choice.

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