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Royal Traditional Wedding Invitation Template Card
Royal Traditional Wedding Invitation Template Card

Royal Traditional Wedding Invitation Template Card

21 * 29.7 cm

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Royal Traditional Wedding Invitation Card

Royal Traditional Light Pinkish Texture With Mandala Art Royal Indian Architecture Classic Antique Portal, Decorative lamps hanging traditional Balcony Railing or Handrails, Nature Tree with Ivy Decoration with Beautiful Decorative Wedding Attractive Indian Wedding Couple Standing Wearing Sherwani And Lehenga A4 Wedding Invitation Template Card traditional Indian architecture and decor items that are beautifully designed and ideal for use in weddings or other special events. The first item mentioned is a light pinkish textured portal with mandala art, which would make for an attractive backdrop at any event. Hanging lamps with traditional designs are also included, which can be hung from balcony railings or handrails to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Next, the description mentions the inclusion of nature-themed decorations, specifically a tree with ivy accents. This would add a touch of natural beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. Finally, the description notes the presence of an A4 wedding invitation template card featuring an attractive Indian wedding couple wearing traditional Sherwani and Lehenga attire. Overall, this collection of items is perfect for anyone looking to decorate their wedding or special event with classic Indian design elements and traditional flair.

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