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Colorful Indian Wedding Invitation Card
Colorful Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Colorful Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Invitation Card • 5 × 7 inch

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Indian Weding Invitation Card

A stunning Indian wedding invitation is depicted with intricate and ornate details, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the event. The invitation is rectangular in shape and features a vibrant color scheme of red, gold, and white. The center of the invitation is dominated by an elaborate design that consists of a circular emblem surrounded by intricate patterns and motifs. The emblem features a golden border with small white beads, within which lies a red circle with an ornate floral pattern in gold. The design is further embellished with delicate golden filigree work that extends outwards from the emblem to cover the entire surface of the invitation. The text on the invitation is written in elegant calligraphy and features both English scripts. Ornate Opulence Majestic Indian Wedding Invitation Card Immersed in Cultural Splendor

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