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Summer Party Invitation Card Maker Template
Summer Party Invitation Card Maker Template

Summer Party Invitation Card Maker Template

Invitation Portrait • 1080 X 1350 px

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Summer Party Invitation Card Maker Template

The image displays an invitation to a summer party against a black background. The invitation itself, with the headline "Summer Party," is prominently featured in the center of the image. The party details include the address "4875 Pride Avenue, Augusta, GA" and the start time "Start at 19.00." Below the party details, a quote is displayed in smaller text: "The horizon leans forward offering you space to place new steps of change." The bottom section of the image contains additional information, including the RSVP phone number "845 155 4444" and the website "welcomeparty.com." Two smaller images are also featured on the left and right sides of the image. On the left, a pair of yellow and white earrings is displayed against a black background. On the right, a mandala design is shown against a black background. Despite their separate appearances, the earrings and mandala are not directly related to the party invitation.

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