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Baby Shower Invitation Template
Baby Shower Invitation Template

Baby Shower Invitation Template

Invitation Portrait • 1080 X 1350 px

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Baby Shower Invitation Template: A Guide to Celebrating the Arrival of Your Little One

A charming invitation lies at the heart of this image, encasing an array of blooming flowers and foliage. The invitation boasts a delicate white background, and is accented by pastel hues of pink, green, and blue. The upper half of the invitation is adorned with a group of rose and daisy blooms in tones of pink, peach, and yellow, arranged in an elegant and graceful manner. The lower half of the image displays a small, handwritten inscription indicating that it is a baby shower invitation portrait card. Towards the bottom of the image, a separate card catches the eye with its blend of soft colors and sleek calligraphy. A white background is dotted with small red blooms, green leaves, and a blue bird alighting on one of the branches. The card also features the cursive inscription of the word 'January' in navy ink, signifying a date of significance. This invitation recalls the joys of warmer weather, with its exuberant florals and cheerful color scheme. Blooming Elegance Charming Floral Baby Shower Invitation Portrait Card Inspired by the Joys of Nature

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