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Top 10 Best Caricature Maker Apps for Android and iOS

caricature maker app

Caricature Maker App

  • Nowadays, you can download a caricature maker app on your Android or iOS device to conveniently make your very own fun caricature. Read on to learn more about the best online caricature tools for Android and iOS devices!


What is Caricature?

  • For the uninitiated, a caricature is a type of drawing that transforms normal physical characteristics into exaggerated ones. These are usually done to incite laughs out of people. Earlier, caricatures would be mainly made of politicians and celebrities. They were omnipresent in platforms like newspapers, magazines, news shows, etc. Now, this phenomenon has become highly popular with people. More and more individuals are taking the help of apps to make their caricature images.

Why do people like to add their own caricatures to the invitation cards?

wedding caricature maker

  • There are various apps and websites for Android and iOS devices available nowadays that will generate a caricature sketch of your face based on a photo. These are distinct from usual caricatures in that they are not attempting to convey a satirical or sociopolitical punchline, nor are the images themselves particularly unpleasant portrayals of the subject.

Thanks to the availability of caricature apps online, more and more people are incorporating their own illustrations in wedding cards. Here are the reasons why:

1.    This makes your event unique

  • With the help of caricatures, invitations no longer have to be drab and dull in nature. For special events, you can use caricature maker apps to incorporate your very own illustration.

2.    They leave a lasting impression

  • For an event to be successful, everything has to be perfect from the get-go. This is where caricatures come in. Once these invites get to the guests, they are bound to find your invitations wholesome and funny.

3.    They are fun to make

  • Picking out your invites or designing invitations for your special days does not have to be a hassle. Instead, you can have fun with the whole process. With the help of apps, you can have a great time designing caricature images. These images can go on a variety of invites like wedding cards, birthday invites, office parties, etc.

Top 10 Caricature Maker Apps

  • A good caricature maker app for Android or iOS allows anyone to create their own caricature drawings in only a few clicks. Here are the top ten applications for creating the ideal caricature:

1. Crafty Art

This caricature app has a lot of positive feedback from users, indicating how wonderful it is. This program allows you to effortlessly generate avatars and emojis for Android, Web, and iOS devices. You can also utilize a wide range of photo editing capabilities to personalize your caricature. You can use caricatures for wedding invitations.

2. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

  • Clip2Comic for iOS is one of the best caricature creation apps. This app comes with high-resolution editing that allows you to turn your images into caricatures, cartoons, and sketches. The ability to generate cartoon and comedic clips, as well as turn your video into a cartoon, distinguishes it from other editors. The free version of the app allows you to transform as many photos as you want into caricatures.

3. Avatoon

  • This caricature maker app online has grown in popularity because of its ability to precisely transform photos into humorous caricatures in just a few minutes. People can choose from a huge variety of style options. You may also customize these amusing avatars to make them unique. It is a highly-rated app due to its user-friendly interface and great range of features.

4. Photo Sketch Maker

  • This is yet another fantastic tool that can turn your photo into a beautiful caricature with little to no effort. One of the most interesting aspects of this program is that it converts your photos into stunning pencil doodles. It also supports a variety of photo formats, such as jpg and png.

5. Pencil Photo Sketch

  • With the help of this caricature maker app, you can turn your dull photos into stunning pencil sketches. Anyone who looks at the caricature image will think that you came up with the wonderful sketch yourself. The images generated by this app come with smooth edges and realistic curves. All you need to do is click or select a photo from your gallery and hit the button to generate your desired caricature.

invitation templates

6. Cartoon Pictures

  • Cartoon Pictures is one of the finest apps for generating a caricature online. This app can come to your rescue if you want to turn your selfie, portrait photo, or any other type of picture into a funny and memorable caricature. There are numerous filters and effects to choose from. The app is very easy to use. In case you don’t have a nice photo to make into a caricature, it also offers a superb selfie-clicking feature.

7. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

  • This fantastic caricature maker app can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, over the years, 50 million people have downloaded this flawless app. Its user-friendly interface ensures that users have no problems checking out the various features. You can also effectively personalize the caricature with the help of stickers, amusing backgrounds, and other tools.

8. Cartoon Photo Editor

  • Developed by Game Brain, this app offers a plethora of picture effects, such as oil paintings, sketches, cartoons, pencil drawings, and many more. Users can also utilize the camera, auto-focus, and pinch to zoom for the best photo. This photo can be later transformed into a caricature with your favorite effects.

9. Canva

  • This famous photo-editing tool also serves as a great caricature-maker app. All you need to do is select the right photo, click on “Edit Image”, and select “Prisma.” With the help of these features, you can enable a cartoon feature for your photo.

10. ToonMe

  • With ToonMe, you no longer need to rely on boring selfies. With the help of AI, this app transforms dull photos into unique caricatures. From invitation applications to social media platforms, you can use these caricatures everywhere.

wedding caricature


  • In 2023, you no longer need to run to a caricature artist or pay a huge amount of money to create a fun image of yourself. All you have to do is download the right caricature maker app for your Android or iOS device, upload the right photo, and this online tool will turn the picture into a memorable caricature online in a handful of minutes. You can use these images for social media apps, wedding invites, birthday cards, and more!


Which app is best for caricature maker?

There are several apps to generate caricatures. However, "Crafty Arts" is one of the most popular apps out there. It has a lot of great reviews as well, owing to its amazing features.

Is there an app to make a caricature?

Yes, there are multiple apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These include Crafty Art, Avatoon, Pencil Photo Sketch, and more.

Is there a free caricature app?

Yes, Crafty Art is a free caricature maker app for Web, Android and iOS devices. Generally, most devices for making caricatures offer a wide variety of features for free. However, you can access several lucrative features for free.

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